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Frequently asked questions to the FEDDZ team.

Answers provided by managing director Markus Schmitz:

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When will the FEDDZ be available for sale?

The first FEDDZ should be delivered by the end of March 2013.


Can I already place an order for a FEDDZ?

You can place an order at any time now.


Do I need a driver’s license?

For the FEDDZ with a maximal speed of 45 km/h you need a license for either a motor scooter or a normal car driving license. Younger drivers that have, for instance, gotten their first license already at 17 can start immediately with the FEDDZ 45 (of course without accompaniment). For the FEDDZ with 25 km/h you only need a Mofa allowance, which you can get at only 15, at least in Germany.


May I drive the FEDDZ in normal street traffic?

FEDDZ is approved for street traffic throughout Europe. You will need a liability insurance just like for motor scooters. FEDDZ is free from tax and registration and doesn’t need routine TÜV inspections in Germany.


How do I charge the battery?

As you know, FEDDZ is the first electric motorcycle with a Plug-in & Drive battery system. We’ve made the removal, charging and replacement as simple as possible for you. The mounting of the Lithium-Ion battery box is opened with a key on the cargo frame. Once unlocked, you just lift out the battery box. There is no plug that needs to be disconnected. The battery can then be recharged using any normal house hold 220 V outlet using the charger that was delivered as standard equipment with the FEDDZ. It takes about 5.5 hours to fully charge, or only 4 hours with a special quick charger. Following the recharging return the battery box to the cargo space, press it into place and you are read to go. You can also recharge the battery without having to remove it.


Is there a difference In the weight between the two types of batteries with 70 or 110 km driving range?

No, there is no difference in the weights of the two batteries; they are the same size and weight.


How many times can I recharge a battery?

The batteries are designed to allow for at least 500 full recharging cycles or 70% of the normal capacity.


Does the FEDDZ come with a guarantee?

Yes! The FEDDZ comes with a 2 year guarantee for any possible material or production flaws.


Do the batteries have a guarantee? If so, for how long?

The batteries are guaranteed for two years for a minimum of 500 full recharging cycles or 70% of the normal capacity. A supplemental guarantee is also available.


Does the FEDDZ need a license plate or TÜV-approval (Germany)?

Included in the offer is the license plate with insurance coverage (with deductible) for one year and the plate will be delivered mounted on the FEDDZ.This official offer will be coming shortly.


Where and when can I see the FEDDZ or make a test drive?

We are currently trying to attend as many exhibitions in Germany and Austria as we can to introduce the FEDDZ and to offer test drives. You can also visit our main dealership where a FEDDZ is available for a test drive during normal business hours. FEDDZ main dealership.



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